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Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering the best beef products and services to our customers

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Hamza Qureshi & Talha Qureshi
Founders of Master Proteins


How We Started

Founded in 2020, MasterProteins is a prominent Halal Meat Exporter with a global reach, setting the standard for the meat industry in Pakistan. Committed to upholding the values of Islamic and Halal principles, we ensure that our meat processing follows 100% certified Halal slaughtering methodologies at every stage. Our mission is to deliver exceptionally tender and fresh halal meat from Pakistan, infused with distinctive flavors, to customers worldwide.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, our dedicated team takes pride in meeting the highest standards of quality and hygiene, enabling us to provide premium halal meat to discerning customers across the globe. MasterProteins has obtained all requisite approvals, accreditations, and certifications from relevant government ministries, underscoring our commitment to compliance and excellence.

As esteemed commercial partners, we collaborate with renowned entities such as Fauji Meat Limited, Nawal Meats, and Abedin International Pvt Ltd, further reinforcing our reputation as a trusted and reliable player in the halal beef industry. At MasterProteins, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of delivering the finest halal meat products, making us a preferred choice for customers seeking uncompromising quality and adherence to Islamic principles.


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Saver the Unmistakable Taste of Our Finest Export Quality Beef Cuts – Handpicked and Skillfully Processed to Ensure Maximum Freshness, Tenderness, and Flavor.

Chilled Beef

Premium beef hand-selected for maximum flavor and tenderness.

Frozen Beef

High-quality frozen beef for ground and other meat products.

Beef By-Products

Versatile beef by-products for meat processing, rich in flavor and proteins.

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Indulge in the finest Pakistani beef with us. Our beef is free from harmful additives and comes in a wide range of premium cuts. With a team of experts, we ensure you enjoy the best quality and delicious beef. Choose us for on unparalleled experience of high-quality, flavorful beef.

Halal Certified

Halal products and comply with Islamic Shairah Law.

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